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This piece was created as part of the “Paintings In Trees” Show, in the People’s Garden in Bushwick, Brooklyn and was on display during the summer months of 2015. Perched in the crook of a tree, an obstructed view of "High Art" could be seen by passerbys from the East side of Broadway or while riding the ‘J’ Train to Manhattan.

“High Art” was created as in response to the increasingly high prices being paid for works of art by private collectors. At the time of conception, Paul Gauguin’s painting “When Will You Marry”, (1892), had recently been acquired by an unknown collector for to a private collector for the monumental sum of $300 million dollars (February 2015). By reproducing the iconic image on a commercial material stretched in the shape of a kite installed mostly out of sight within a public space I hoped to bring attention to the growing rate of art serving as a means of investment by the ultra-wealthy at the expense of the general public.

“High Art”
“High Art”
Digital Print on Polyester, Wood, Hardware