My work reflects my participation within western consumer culture. It acknowledges this culture's impact on aesthetic, and has been realized through diverse approaches in process to include both traditional and non-traditional methods. I am fascinated with the “out-sourcing” of an artistic idea, and the way it addresses authorship and authenticity. Ongoing themes within my work reflect my general interests and influences. They include, but are not limited to, counter-culture, spirituality, and sport as all have had an impact on my development as a person and artist.

Most recently, my exploration has lead me to investigate the “accessibility” of the art object in relation to other more commonly commodified goods, choosing to focus on the peripheral rather than the intended subject. I have earned a living working within the “art industry” as a picture framer and art handler for the last 20 years. This experience has had an undeniable affect on my perception of societal values placed on art objects and my approach to creating them. I often choose to focus on the incidental aspects of consumer goods such as the design on the sole of a sneaker or the packing material used to ship objects instead of a product’s overall design. By examining these parts, I direct my viewer’s attention to design elements that are initially created with the intention of performing a function rather than for sheer aesthetic value in hopes of subverting the conversation that surrounds an “art” object.